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The Recalibration Effect™ is a science-backed program specifically designed for professional women to effectively uncover and heal emotional trauma that is causing physical pain in their bodies and preventing them from showing up and living and leading the way they were meant to. If you are tired of pain getting in the way of your audacious life, this is for you.

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• Pain Reprocessing • Trauma Healing • Somatic • Embodiment • Emotional Processing • Nervous System Regulation • Inner Child Healing • Pain Reprocessing • Trauma Healing • Somatic • Embodiment • Emotional Processing • Nervous System Regulation • Inner Child Healing

Tired of being shut down by every doctor who says "you're fine"? I hear you.

What most doctors and therapists won't tell you is that physical pain (including back pain, migraines, unexplained GI issues, and much more) without a specific structural cause (fracture, tumor, rheumatoid arthritis, clearly diagnosed nerve damage, auto-immune disease) is caused by unprocessed emotional trauma.

That's why no pill, injection, or talk therapy has worked for you to heal from this pain that is preventing you from living and leading the way you were meant to. All of that is about to change.

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The Recalibration Effect program leads you though an intensive transformational journey to identify and heal emotional trauma that is causing physical pain. This 6 month group program combines pain reprocessing, nervous system regulation, somatic techniques, embodiment, and deep emotional processing to recalibrate your system from trauma-activated pain to pain-free.

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Lynn- 38, Business Owner

"Thank you for all of the gentle support and guidance. I did all that you recommended on top of my usual routine. I did a lot of tapping but for different areas… (self worth, self compassion and letting go). I’m in awe about how all of the things that I’m doing are working to rewire my brain!"

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Olivia - 47, teacher

"That emotional release let go of a lot . Thank you for the support and compassion you held for me. That helped me honor the release that was happening and not shove it down. I’m proud of my self for just letting it be for however long it flowed out of me. I’m thinking so much clearer."

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jessica - 54, Gynecologist

"I am so grateful for this powerful community - I finally knew I wasn't alone, and if these women could do it, so could I!"

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alli - 28, esthetician

"Instead of panic attacks, I am able to recognize that it is simply my brain sending danger signals to my body because it is experiencing some kind of repression, difficult emotions, or past trauma bubbling up. This program has been a
godsend to me."

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jenna - 36, mom and entrepreneur

"I come from crying myself to sleep each night because I didn’t think anyone could help me, to finding someone
who gets it."

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I'm Rose, your pain recovery specialist

Hello and welcome!

I know what it's like to only half show up for your life because of pain... even though on the outside, everything looks fine.

For 8 years, I didn't know that my physical pain was caused by unprocessed emotional trauma. I went from doctor to doctor, but no one could explain why I was in so much pain. 

Doctors had differing opinions - misaligned hips, tight muscles, damaged tendons, deteriorated cartilage, arthritis in my spine, tarlov cysts... While I tried treatment after treatment, nothing helped.

When I discovered that the root of my physical pain was emotional trauma and healed... I did something that I never thought possible. I woke up pain-free. Now, I've made it my life's mission to help other women, just like you, heal the emotional trauma that is showing up as physical pain, as quickly and effectively as possible.

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